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As your coach, my role is to challenge and support you to get the results you truly desire in your life, even if at first you’re not quite able to convey the specifics, you just know that you’re done with the pressing repeat on that way too familiar soundtrack called s-u-r-v-i-v-a-l.

We work together to know your why, to figure what is important to you and to go after releasing this success, from the inside out. We get clear on what is blocking you, and engage in some creative shift work to uplevel your performance, energy, capacity and endurance. Transformational coaching methodology (TCM) runs through the spine of every single coaching session and together we effect lasting and significant change at the level of thinking and mindset, behaviour and identity.

Before you read any further, I encourage you to schedule a 40-min complimentary discovery session here.

Sally, your coaching has been phenomenal! Having struggled for years, my wife has had a massive breakthrough. Thank you so much!

Creating resilience has and continues to be my story.

Coaching, people development and change is my background.

And so carving a path as a resilience coach was an obvious route and specialism to develop within my coaching practice.

To empower and challenge my clients to build resilience and health so to lead, thrive and live their best story, no matter what life throws their way.

To be free to respond to life rather than purely react to it.

To live the life they truly desire even if at first, this takes a little time to articulate.
Not surprising if you’ve been in survival mode for what feels like an eternity.

And let’s be real – this struggle isn’t reserved for a particular generation or personality profile.

From the boardroom executive to the graduate in training, the working mum with her maxed out schedule to the stay home mum, knee deep in little people, working her own version of 24-7.

It’s time to take back control of our lives, to bring alignment, healing, and connection to purpose back into our days.

That’s why I’ve developed my signature programme, The Cortisol Crush.

The impact of stress on your life will be as unique as you are AND at the same time, there are specific steps to successfully develop strategies for resilience and to build health. Together we map the matrix, build the picture, and then dive deep to affect the change and create the success.

If you are the person who on receipt of a chaser text from your boss respond as if you are shoulder to shoulder with Daniel in the Lion’s den, with fists at the ready, I’d encourage you to take a step forward and book your discovery session with me today.

Here’s to your best future!

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Co-creating healthy, stress resilient and thriving teams.

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I consider it such a privilege to lead people into positive long-term health change.

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I consider it such a privilege to lead people into positive long-term health change.