Client Success

Seeing my clients achieve significant and lasting health transformation could not excite me more!

Here are some testimonials direct from those who have worked with me.

Sally is an awesome coach; it comes very naturally to her! When I started working with her, part of me did not believe it was even possible for me to achieve the goals we outlined together. I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t see a way out, but remarkably after just three months those dreams (and more) have become and are becoming a reality!

Sally’s coaching style is supportive, active and professional; she is switched on, perceptive, intuitive, warm and fun. I would encourage anyone who is struggling to have a breakthrough or to navigate their way forward in life to go ahead and schedule a consultation.


Sally has a genuinely holistic approach to coaching that feels full of hope and possibility, and she somehow dispels ways of thinking that “I’ll be happy when…” while stirring an excitement in her clients to have goals and vision for what is possible in their lives and empowering them to realise their success.

Sally helped me to articulate my desires and the frustrations with my life, and how my health journey was part of that. She helped me cast vision for how it could be different and then supported the change, step-by-step, through our weekly sessions. I have seen significant results!

I felt so listened to by Sally. She took the time to find out what I am like, and what motivates me. Sally tailors the coaching to you as an individual, and yet at the same time she doesn’t just work around who you are right now, but who I could be, and who I want to be. Sally doesn’t follow a prescriptive program but listens to the needs of the client, and creatively responds to the progress or obstacles so to maximise the time together.


Before coaching, I had lost all sense of self-belief that I could be empowered and make a positive change to my health, full of self-doubt, shame and a sense of powerlessness. Since working with Sally, my mindset has changed and is changing; I have an entirely different way of looking at food, nutrition and health. I am becoming a person who walks confidently into vision rather than just responding to what life throws at me.

Sally is thoughtful and an excellent listener who believes in me. She is engaging and inspiring and asks questions to help me learn for myself, rather than give advice or teach. Sally is reassuring and able to turn every challenge into a positive opportunity to grow. She is brilliant!

There’s no doubt in my mind that Sally Harding will change your life. She’s made such an impact on my health and well-being through empowering change. I have learnt to be kind to and put myself first which is something that had slipped away from me. Don’t miss the opportunity to achieve your goals, feel fully well again and ready to embrace life!


“I believe the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you” – Joyce Meyer

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I consider it such a privilege to lead people into positive long-term health change.

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I consider it such a privilege to lead people into positive long-term health change.