About Me

I’m curious, what’s your story?
Our stories may differ wildly, in fact, they probably do – we’re all so unique.
Please indulge me for a moment, allowing me to share something of mine.

I’m a resilience coach, with a 12-year background in people and change within corporates and non-profits, and a stint of time between the two so to nurture our tribe of beautiful little people through their infant years. I trained with the Health Coach Institute and given the power of this transformational coaching method, I am currently completing mastery level training. The school days just keep rolling! In truth, I’m sure I’ll be studying for the rest of my days.

I’ve spent the last few years building my private practice, and given my background in coaching and change, I also work for HCI as a success coach.

Ok, so with the credentials out of the way, let’s delve further into the story.

Perhaps you can you connect with the sense of being a walking carousel of cortisol, tired and wired beyond what you ever thought possible?

I share the following so to say “I hear it!”

  • Diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome having contracted a tropical disease whilst travelling as a student.
  • Propped up on caffeine, working 16-hr days at an investment bank in my twenties.
  • First baby, diagnosed with a rare cardiac condition at our 20 week anomaly scan.
  • 3 pregnancies and 3 little ones under 3.5 years, with our eldest in and out of hospitals undergoing surgeries, investigations and critical care.
  • Military wife, relocating the tribe every 24-months and often at home running solo.

I’m thankful as I write for the lull in intervention for our son, who is now 10. Yass!!!
And for the incredible care and skill of his teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Shaped and refined for good through our toughest trials, right?

My calling to empower and challenge my clients to build stress resilience and health so to lead, thrive and live their own best story is in some way fuelled by this personal journey.

Your mess becomes your message, my experience has fuelled my why, and it enables me to coach as I do.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth” – John Whitmore

My twenties were spent climbing a career ladder, and yet, from the perspective of health, I just gravitated toward every new trend. The latest: macronutrient balance, heralded superfood, new workout class or marathon effort. Looking back, I was athletic and slim, yet prone to sickness, usually tired and fuelled by caffeine and sugar. I found it hard to relax, my hormones were imbalanced, and with a family history of thyroid dysfunction, the vista didn’t look good.

Motivated to connect up the holistic health dots for our baby, it became apparent to me that my health was also crying out for an overhaul. I was exhausted; tired and wired, this walking carousel of cortisol, with stress-related hair loss. The absence of diagnosed disease was not a qualifier for a full health scorecard.

If you can relate to this story, I want to honour the survival spirit within you.
In many ways it will have served you well, the mantra to “keep on keeping on”.

And yet, leading, thriving and living your BEST story, no matter what life throws your way – THAT’S the invitation I hold out to you today.

Healthful and resilient.

I look forward to connecting. Here’s to your best future!

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – World Health Organisation – 1948

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I consider it such a privilege to lead people into positive long-term health change.

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I consider it such a privilege to lead people into positive long-term health change.